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Ed Erickson

Why You Should Be Talking To Us

We know you're constantly being barraged from all sides by marketers' wild promises about making your business successful beyond your wildest dreams.

So why are we worth your time?

First, because we get results. 

  • A recent service provider we built a lead funnel for got a 4.5x ROI. (Well, 4.5113 to be exact). Simply put, we built this company a machine that gave them back $4.51 for every $1 they put in.
  • We filled a webinar for a recent client with 48% more people at 11% lower cost compared to the previous agency they had been using
  • We've generated over 4,000 leads (4,005 as of the day I wrote this page) for coaches and consultants. So, yeah, we've done this a time or two and we know what we're doing.

Results are important - and we get them. But perhaps more important is why we get results.

  • We're coaches and consultants, too. That means we understand how your business works and we know how to sell your services.
  • We use our Market Distillation Method™ to build campaigns that work with your target market. Everything we do for you is purpose-built to achieve your objectives and serve your market's unique needs.
  • We don't just throw leads at you. We get that you have to be able to close those leads. That's why we also work with you to fine tune your offer and dial in your sales conversation.

Talk with us to see how pay-per-call lead generation can work for your business

Focus on What You Do Best - Serve Your Clients.

You don’t have time to waste trying to manage a lead generation pipeline in addition to working with your clients. That’s why our team will create custom campaigns designed specifically for your business and target market. 

Our goal is simple – book as many consultations as possible with qualified prospects who are ready to learn about how working with you will benefit them! 

If you're looking for a way to get consistent, quality prospects without spending a ton of money upfront or having long-term contracts then pay-per-call is the perfect solution.

You Only Pay For The Calls We Book

We know how hard it is to keep your pipeline full. And we know that, for a lot of service providers, paying thousands per month in retainers to agencies with no guarantee you’ll get anything from it is a non-starter.

That's why we've created our Pay-Per-Call Lead Generation program for coaches, consultants and high ticket service providers like you. Our lead generation programs are designed to deliver high ROI because you only pay when we book a call with qualified prospects.

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