Meet Pitch Perfect Digital

Have you noticed?

Being great at what you do doesn’t automatically lead to a hoard of people clamoring to work with you. And that you spend as much (or more) time finding people to work with as doing the work. 

The truth is being great at what you do and being great at marketing your business are different things. And no one ever taught you how to be great at marketing and sales.

Our mission is to free skilled professionals to do what they do best by delivering a steady stream of new clients to their door.

We’re here to handle the myriad details that go into an effective marketing campaign so you can focus on building a thriving business around what you’re great at doing.

Stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace

To thrive in an increasingly competitive market, being great at what you do isn’t good enough. And being just like everyone else is a sure path to obscurity.

At Pitch Perfect Digital, we help people by creating and implementing winning marketing strategies. We provide the skill, support, and resources to grow your business while freeing you to focus on delivering for your clients.

We believe that every successful business is a reflection of its owner.  We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to marketing a business. We are against the idea that there is a single right answer to achieving your goals. Your business is unique and must reflect you and the unique value you provide. 

Our Approach to Marketing Your Business

We focus on building a solid marketing strategy that is a perfect fit for the needs of your market and your authentic voice. That’s why we start every engagement with a deep dive into your business. That’s the only way to understand and implement what will work for you.

We are firm believers in…

  • Crafting a marketing solution that fits the problem, not force fitting your business into our pre-made solution
  • Using data and facts to make decisions about your marketing campaigns, not clinging to our (or your) darlings in spite of evidence they aren’t working
  • Always giving you the unvarnished truth about where things stand and what’s possible, even when it might not be what you want to hear
  • Transparency, so you'll always know where your investment is going and how it's working for you

We work with businesses at all stages of growth and can provide you with a range of services from basic media buying all the way to fractional CMO.

Meet The Team

Ed Erickson
Ed Erickson

Lead Marketing Strategist

Ed is a 25 year marketing professional who spent many years serving clients such as Accenture, Motorola, The Gap, and Thomson Reuters. At Pitch Perfect Digital,  he seeks to bring the level of expertise and performance expected of global corporate clients to small to mid-size service firms.

When he isn’t at work, you can find Ed on the slopes or in the kitchen perfecting his latest dish.

Camille Wood

Social Media Manager

Camille joined Pitch Perfect in 2018 and today manages our clients’ organic social media presence. Camille’s background as a writer and all-around creative shows in our clients’ increased engagement with their social media audiences.

When not working on clients’ social media accounts, you can find Camille performing improv comedy around Chicago, or rock hunting across the country.

Maya Kirk

Account Manager

Maya comes to Pitch Perfect after a long career in project management in Leadership consulting and corporate finance. She keeps everyone on schedule and makes sure nothing falls through the cracks.

In her spare time, Maya likes to be outdoors and enjoys cooking, traveling, personal development and working out.