You're Not Ready to Grow Your Business

There’s a few things you need to work on first before you can handle a steady stream of new clients.

If you’re not making the sales you want right now, it’s easy to see how tempting it can be to improve your sales.

But you need to have your house in order first. Based on your answers, it seems like you’ve still got some work to do to build a foundation for growth.

The most important things for you to focus on right now are:

  • Have a proven offer that converts. One of the biggest reasons marketing campaigns fail is because no one wants to buy the thing being promoted. Work on sharpening your offer until you can consistently get at least a 25% close rate.
  • Build the capacity to take on new work. What good does it do you to spend time and money getting new clients if you can’t deliver once they sign on? If you can’t deliver what was promised during the sale, you will damage, or even destroy, your reputation.
  • Build up a baseline level of revenue. There’s two truths about marketing campaigns. They are a short-term expense and long-term investment. That means you have to be able to fund them for a while before they start generating money for you.

To get more clarity on exactly where you should focus and how a well crafted marketing campaign can accelerate your growth (when you’re ready!), we invite you to schedule an introductory marketing strategy session with us.

During this session, we'll spend a good deal of time getting to know your business - what your goals are, what you’re doing now, and where you feel stuck. 

We’ll help you identify and create a game plan to eliminate the roadblocks to growing your practice.

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