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A small sampling of the results we've delivered

High Converting Funnel Drives 50% Show Rate To Live Webinar

We created a 2-step funnel to build our client's list drive webinar registrations. The ultimate goal was to fill a webinar where our client was selling a health & wellness program. 

Step 1 of the funnel we designed added over 700 new people to the email list. Our step 2 email campaign resulted in 7% conversion (2% to 5% is generally considered good) to webinar registrations. We also achieved a 50% show-up rate for the webinar by crafting a pre-webinar engagement sequence to get the registrants excited about the webinar content. Typical live webinar show up rates are between 10% and 40%.

Increased Webinar Registrations By 48% While Reducing Cost Per Registration by 11%

Active Axons Education came to us to help them build out webinar and sales funnels, and to manage a Facebook campaign to drive webinar registrations.

The campaign we built resulted in an increase in the number of webinar registrants of 48% over their previous launch. Our campaign also delivered those registrations for 11% less cost per registration. 

The greater number of registrants at lower cost was driven mostly by our better audience targeting and ad creative that resulted in a 72% increase in CTR and a 39% decrease in CPC compared to their previous launch.

Here are a few notes from our happy clients...