You're Not Quite Agency Ready

There’s a few things you should work on before you jump into hiring a marketing agency.

If you’re not making the sales you want right now, it’s easy to see how tempting it can be to hire someone who can solve that problem for you.

But a marketing agency is only part of the solution - and they rely on you to have your house in order so they can be successful. Based on your answers, it seems like you’ve still got some work to do so you can enjoy the benefits of what a marketing agency can do for you.

The most important things for you to focus on right now are:

Make sure you have a proven offer that converts. One of the biggest reasons marketing campaigns fail is because no one wants to buy the thing being promoted. Work on sharpening your offer until you can consistently get at least a 25% close rate.

Build the capacity to take on new work. What good does it do you to spend time and money getting new clients if you can’t deliver once they sign on? There’s no better way to destroy your reputation than to not deliver what was promised during the sale.

Build up a baseline level of revenue. There’s two truths about marketing campaigns. They cost money, and they usually take a few months before they show results. That means you have to be able to fund them for a while before they start generating money for you.

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