How We Increased Webinar Registrations By 48% While Reducing Cost Per Registration by 11%


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When Active Axons Education approached us, they were disappointed in the results of their last program launch. They had built a quality program that addressed an urgent problem for parents, but had few buyers last time around.

We decided to change up the messaging to deliver a bigger and better audience for their new launch.

Here’s what happened…

The Problem

The Facebook campaign to drive traffic for their program's previous launch fell flat. Even the email campaigns they were using with their list generated only a luke-warm response. Because their campaign didn't work, the webinars they were running to enroll clients were sparsely attended. With few people to hear the program pitch, they came up short on program enrollments leaving them short on clients and short on cash.

They turned to Pitch Perfect Digital to get more prospects onto their webinar this time around so they could enroll enough clients to hit their numbers.

The Solution

We started by conducting a full review of the messaging for the webinar and the program they ultimately wanted to sell. This review allowed us to adjust the messaging to better align with the pain points and desires of the target audience.

Then we went deep on audience research to find the people most likely to want the results delivered by the program. That research uncovered a few interests that aligned well with the program, so we were able to effectively target the ad campaign.

We ran campaigns built on the messaging we created to the audiences we uncovered. With a short launch window before the live webinar event, we had to get it right the first time...

Our 10 day campaign nailed it out of the gate and delivered 1.5x more registrations than Active Axons previous launch.



Webinar Registrations


Cost Per Registration


Show-up Rate


Sales Conversion

The Result

The campaign resulted in 48% more webinar registrations at a cost per registration that was 11% below their previous effort. The better messaging also got our client a 37% show-up rate for the webinar, where they ultimately sold the program to 25% of the webinar attendees. Needless to say, we were pretty excited to see great results like that.

What We Did

  • Created the overall funnel strategy
  • Worked with client to refine the program messaging
  • Built all of the funnel pages and email automation sequences
  • Ran a facebook ad campaign to secure webinar registrations

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